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VAM Artists provides opportunity, guidance and recognition to musicians and art entities.
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Public Relations

VAM Artists provides public relations services as a spider in a web to renowned artists through collaborations with record labels, festivals, competitions, venues, DSPs and distributors, and through an extensive international press and media network.

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Artist Management

VAM Artists proudly manages violinist Daniel Rowland, violist Dana Zemtsov, cellist Maja Bogdanovic and Duo Pleyel (Richard Egarr & Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya), the Arethusa Quartet, ACE (Amsterdam Chamber Ensemble), and chamber music with Anna Fedorova.

About VAM Artists

“With artists, labels, managers, concert venues, distributors, programmers, promoters, streaming services, downloading platforms, press, media and, of course, the audience in the picture, music and musicians are best served working together with all parties involved. I enjoy creating personal relationships and mapping out personalized roads."

Floor van der Holst, Founder and General Manager

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VAM proudly works with...

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